Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Where to begin?

It is difficult to decide where to begin when approaching a topic as broad as a national cinema. This blog will, initially at least, mainly be concentrating on Spanish cinema from the 1990s onwards because that is the period that I am most familiar with (and makes up the bulk of my Spanish DVD collection). But even reducing the scope to that timeframe still offers more than twenty years of cinema. So I’ve decided to start with ‘beginnings’ as a jumping off point and to look at some of the directorial debuts made in Spanish cinema since the early 1990s. This is has the dual purpose of a) making me write about films I haven’t written about (and in some cases haven’t seen) before, and b) highlighting some of the really interesting filmmakers who have emerged in Spanish cinema in the last twenty years. This will be a thread that I return to while I get the blog off the ground and get into some sort of writing routine –but there will be posts about other things as well. Also, although I am going to start with some films from the early 1990s, I’m not going to work through the directorial debuts in chronological order. Feel free to make some suggestions for possible films for me to write about in the comments below.