Thursday, 5 May 2011

More random viewing

Clockwise from top left: Vacas (Julio Medem, 1992), Planes para mañana (Juana Macías, 2010), Herois / Héroes (Pau Freixas, 2010), and Escuchando al juez Garzón (Isabel Coixet, 2011).

Availability: Vacas (Medem’s directorial debut) seems to be OOP on DVD in the UK, but you can pick up secondhand copies on either Amazon or ebay and it is available to rent at Lovefilm. I watched the other three over at Filmin (yes, I’ve renewed my subscription –yay!) but Planes para mañana (the stories of four women interwoven around an accident –it gets more moving as the film progresses and the little details accumulate) and Héroes (a very likeable homage to 1980s kids-on-a-mission type films such as The Goonies) are available on DVD in Spain so you should be able to get hold of them via the methods outlined in the resources post. Escuchando al juez Garzón is currently only available on Filmin  –I think it’s still on the festival circuit, so I don’t know when it’ll be released more widely. I couldn’t follow everything in the documentary (no subtitles and a high-level conversation), but he’s an interesting man –seemingly involved in almost every major investigation in recent Spanish history (whether into corruption, terrorism, or GAL (the government-sponsored hit squad that went after ETA –on which subject read Paddy Woodworth’s fascinating book Dirty War, Clean Hands: ETA, the GAL and Spanish Democracy)), and is also the judge who issued the request for the arrest of Augusto Pinochet in London in 1998. He is currently suspended after allegedly over-stepping his powers by starting an investigation into Civil War deaths –the Guardian has a good summary of his career.