Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Shooting Stars

Shooting Stars is part of an effort by the EU MEDIA programme to promote European cinema across the continent. Each national industry / member organisation of European Film Promotion (EFP) nominates an actor or actress who has had at least one ‘successful’ film and who the local industry believes to have a promising career ahead of them. Initially each member organisation chose two actors / actresses but as more film bodies joined the EFP this dropped down to one per country, and as of 2008 only ten individuals are chosen in total (the local industries make their submissions and these are whittled down to ten by a jury). The selected actors are presented to the world’s press at the Berlin Film Festival each year. [Yes, I know I’m more than a month behind the last one, but I saw a video interview with Spain’s Shooting Star for this year (Clara Lago) and this prompted me to write something about it]. The candidates from other European countries have included the likes of Daniel Craig (2000), Rachel Weisz (1998), Melanie Laurent (2007), Ludivine Sagnier (2001), and Daniel Brühl (2003). The full list of Spanish Shooting Stars is below –as you can see, the Spanish selectors have a good eye for talent.

1998 – Juan Diego Botto, Ingrid Rubio
1999 – Eduardo Noriega, Leonor Watling
2000 – Fele Martínez, Natalia Verbeke
2001 – Eloy Azorín
2002 – Enrique Alcides
2003 – Goya Toledo
2004 – Elena Anaya
2005 – Unax Ugalde
2006 – Marta Etura
2007 – Óscar Jaenada
2008 – n/a
2009 – Verónica Echegui
2010 – n/a
2011 – Clara Lago
The Cineuropa video interview with Clara Lago (in English) is here.