Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Los Goya 2013: nominations

   The nominations for Los premios Goya (The Goya Awards) 2013 were announced earlier today, with four films out in front in terms of total nominations - Blancanieves (18), Grupo 7 (16), Lo imposible [The Impossible] (14), and El artista y la modelo (13). The candidates in the main categories are as follows:

Best Film:
El artista y la modelo
Grupo 7
Lo imposible

Best Director:
Pablo Berger - Blancanieves
Fernando Trueba - El artista y la modelo
Alberto Rodríguez - Grupo 7
Juan Antonio Bayona - Lo imposible

Best New Director:
Paco León - Carmina o revienta
Oriol Paulo - El cuerpo
Isabel de Ocampo - Evelyn
Enrique Gato - Las aventuras de Tadeo Jones

Best Original Screenplay:
Pablo Berger - Blancanieves
Fernando Trueba, Jean-Claude Carrière - El artista y la modelo
Rafael Cobos, Alberto Rodríguez - Grupo 7
Sergio G. Sánchez - Lo imposible

Best Adapted Screenplay:
Jorge Guerricaechevarría, Sergio G. Sánchez - Fin
Javier Guillón, Jorge Arenillas - Invasor
Javier Barreira, Gorka Magallón, Ignacio del Moral, Jordi Gasull, Neil Landau - Las aventuras de Tadeo Jones
Ramón Salazar - Tengo ganas de ti
Manuel Rivas - Todo es silencio

Best Actor:
Daniel Giménez Cacho - Blancanieves
Jean Rochefort - El artista y la modelo
José Sacristán - El muerto y ser feliz
Antonio de la Torre - Grupo 7

Best Actress:
Maribel Verdú - Blancanieves
Aida Folch - El artista y la modelo
Naomi Watts - Lo imposible
Penélope Cruz - Venuto al mondo

Best Supporting Actor:
Josep María Pou - Blancanieves
Julián Villagrán - Grupo 7
Antonio de la Torre - Invasor
Ewan McGregor - Lo imposible

Best Supporting Actress:
Ángela Molina - Blancanieves
María León - Carmina o revienta
Chus Lampreave - El artista y la modelo
Candela Peña - Una pistola en cada mano

Best Male Newcomer:
Emilio Gavira - Blancanieves
Álex Monner - Els nens salvatges
Joaquín Núñez - Grupo 7
Tom Holland - Lo imposible

Best Female Newcomer:
Macarena García - Blancanieves
Carmina Barrios - Carmina o revienta
Cati Solivellas - Els nens salvatges
Estefanía de los Santos - Grupo 7

    I can't offer much of an opinion because, as you can see from posts below, a lot of these films are ones that I want to catch up with. Last year, despite a clear number of frontrunners, the awards were pretty evenly divided up and I think the same could happen this year, although Blancanieves could have the edge. But I'm glad that Carmina o revienta has got some recognition, and also for the acting nominations for Grupo 7. The nominations can be found in full here. The gala takes place on Sunday 17th February and I will no doubt post about the winners in the aftermath.