Thursday, 11 April 2013

London Spanish Film Festival: 3rd Spring Weekend

The London Spanish Film Festival is holding their 3rd Spring Weekend event (smaller than the festival proper in Sept/Oct) between 25th and 28th April. You can see the full programme here.
Highlights include the two films that tied for first place in my 'Top 5 of 2012' list - De tu ventana a la mía (Paula Ortíz, 2012) and No habrá paz para los malvados (Enrique Urbizu, 2011) - as well as Blancanieves (Pablo Berger, 2012) and a preview of Los amantes pasajeros (Pedro Almodóvar, 2013). They are also continuing the festival strand of looking at the careers and practices of specific actors, this time focussing on acting siblings María Botto and Juan Diego Botto - I said in relation to the last festival that this sidebar looked like a really interesting event and this promises to be the same. A number of their films will be shown and the two of them will be interviewed onstage before a screening of Los abajos firmantes (Joaquín Oristrell, 2004), a very funny film about acting, theatre, and political protest, in which they both star.

*The image above is taken from the email sent out by the festival.