Saturday, 25 July 2015


    It seems to have become an unfortunate annual tradition that every summer my place of work undergoes some kind of upheaval. It's not quite like clockwork (the Powers That Be are a couple of months behind schedule this year), but those events are now underway again. I'm a bit distracted and haven't been writing, but I hope to get back into it in a week or so.
    I've been watching some Spanish short films (and I should write about a couple of them) and I'm also intending to pull together something on some of the documentaries I've been watching over the past year - that may start off as shortish considerations of individual films, but I have a group of them in mind to use to look at a specific issue / phenomenon. Plus, La isla mínima / Marshland is getting a UK theatrical release in early August, so I will finally write up something about that as well.