Saturday, 5 August 2017

Tidying Up

Over the past year I have 'reprinted' several posts from here on my new blog. There are a few more that I'm intending to treat in this way, but it's probably not going to amount to more than 10 posts in total (more than 200 are published here).
I've decided that a bit of housekeeping is therefore required: in the cases of the ones that have already been reprinted, I have gone back to the original post and removed the contents - instead leaving a link to the post's new location (it doesn't make much sense to have them posted on two separate sites). I'm going to decide which other remaining posts I want to move, and do so over the course of the next month (likewise leaving a link in their place on here) - everything else will be left as it is. The pieces are mainly standalone posts that are either on a film that I particularly like or the writing is something that felt like an accomplishment at the time. I may take some pieces from specific projects as well but I'm not intending to move/remove entire project sequences, irrespective of whether the projects are still being worked on (for example, the Carlos Saura Challenge has continued on the new blog, but I'm leaving the original posts here). I see this blog as being a time capsule of sorts and therefore don't want to dismantle it.