Monday, 20 February 2012

The Goya Awards 2012: the winners

Jose Coronado and Enrique Urbizu

   I stayed up last night to ‘watch’ The Goya Awards 2012 through the power of twitter (a more enjoyable way to take in the results than actually watching the gala, to judge by some of the online commentary –although the spectacle of Juan Diego and Antonio Resines rapping is something I will have to catch up with). In the end, the prizes were quite evenly distributed between the five frontrunners (Blackthorn -4, Eva -3, La piel que habito -4, La voz dormida -3, No habrá paz para los malvados -6).
   The overall winner was No habrá paz para los malvados, which took the main prizes of Best Film, Director (Enrique Urbizu), Actor (Jose Coronado), and Original Screenplay (Michel Gaztambide and Enrique Urbizu), as well as Editing and Sound Mix. There were a few surprises –the awards had mainly seemed to be regarded as a battle between No habrá paz para los malvados and La piel que habito, but Blackthorn took four of the main technical prizes (including Cinematography and Production Design) and Pedro Almodóvar also missed out on Best Adapted Screenplay (which went to Arrugas, the first animated film to win in such a category). La piel que habito eventually went home with Best Actress (Elena Anaya), Best Male Newcomer (Jan Cornet –another of the surprises as it was widely expected to be won by Jose Mota for Álex de la Iglesia’s La chispa de la vida), Best Score (Alberto Iglesias), and Best Make-Up. I’ve not yet seen Eva or La voz dormida, so I cannot yet comment on the merits of Kike Maíllo winning Best New Director and Lluís Homar Best Supporting Actor for the former, or María León Best Female Newcomer and Ana Wagener Best Supporting Actress for the latter. Hopefully they will get a DVD release soon. On the other hand, I finally caught up with No habrá paz para los malvados at the weekend (post forthcoming) and can say that Coronado and Urbizu thoroughly deserve the successes that came their way.
Main category winners listed below (at some point I will add a link to the full list of winners on the Academy website, but it has been under attack and is not currently working):

Best Film
No habrá paz para los malvados

Best Director
Enrique Urbizu – No habrá paz para los malvados

Best New Director
Kike Maíllo - Eva

Best Adapted Screenplay
Ángel de la Cruz, Ignacio Ferreras, Paco Roca, Rosanna Cecchini - Arrugas

Best Original Screenplay
Michel Gaztambide and Enrique Urbizu – No habrá paz para los malvados

Best Actor
Jose Coronado – No habrá paz para los malvados

Best Actress
Elena Anaya – La piel que habito

Best Supporting Actor
Lluís Homar - Eva

Best Supporting Actress
Ana Wagener (far left) – La voz dormida

Best Male Newcomer
Jan Cornet – La piel que habito

Best Female Newcomer
María León – La voz dormida

Best Director and Best Actor on the set of No habrá paz para los malvados