Friday, 8 May 2015

D'A Festival: short films

Avant pétalos grillados

    The D'A Festival had a varied programme of short films as part of the (Im)Possible Futures strand. I actually only saw one of them while I was in Barcelona (Chigger Ale played before the screening of Crumbs), but I've found quite a few of them online - Velasco Broca's films, including the three screened at the festival, are available to view for free on PLAT (his page on the site is here), Ángel Santos's Camiños de Bardaos is on YouTube, and Christelle Lheureux's La maladie blanche is available to rent on Vimeo. Only the last of those is available with English subtitles.
I've reviewed three of the shorts for Eye for Film:

  • Avant pétalos grillados (Velasco Broca, 2007) - an atmospheric and experimental sci-fi tale of alien invasion.
  • Chigger Ale (Fanta Ananas, 2013) - a precursor for Crumbs, this comic sci-fi tale sees a pint-sized Hitler go for a night out in Addis Ababa.
  • La maladie blanche (Christelle Lheureux, 2011) - a tale of enchantment in the Pyrenees.

Those conclude the reviews I'll be writing in relation to the D'A Festival. I'm still transcribing the interviews I did, and have more to write about the festival in general and (Im)Possible Futures in particular. I'm back at work next week, so my pace may slow down a bit.