Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Two Years Old

This is just a short post to point out that the blog turns two today. Woo-hoo!
   The second year of Nobody Knows Anybody has not been as prolific as its first (mainly due to varying work patterns and commitments), but hopefully the quality has remained, and I'm glad that I've stuck with it. I mentioned in last year's birthday post that the main aim of writing the blog has been for me to kickstart my brain, and that continues. Last year I had some ideas that I was thinking through - they have been put to one side because I completely lost my train of thought when the opportunity of more (paid) hours meant that my research ground to a halt. But I have started to develop a couple of other (different) ideas and took the plunge in submitting an abstract for a conference.....and it was accepted! So now I just need to write the bloody thing! I'll post something about it nearer the time (the conference is in June) and will probably post the paper on here afterwards. I've also got another idea, relating to a particular actor's performances in two films, but that's on the back-burner for the moment until I've got a proper draft of the conference paper. So that's the progress in terms of my brain!
   As I move into the third year of the blog, I'm setting myself a year-long challenge to give a bit more structure to proceedings - a post about that will appear shortly. Other than that, I'll continue in the same vein, although I'd also like to figure out how to write about work in progress without feeling that I'm putting half-thought-out ideas on display. I think that more 'Not-Entirely-Random Viewing' posts might be the answer to that. Posting will continue to be irregular for the foreseeable future, but I'll try to stop mentioning that as I think that as long as I keep going, that side of things doesn't matter too much.
   Anyway, thanks for reading and I look forward to sharing more cinematic discoveries this year.